What I Learned From The Fashion & Beauty Masterclass @ Instagram…

Hello to you all,

Last week, I was invited at the Instagram Fashion & Beauty Masterclass in Paris with Eva Chen as a main guest speaker. It was a reallly interesting, practical, useful and I want to share what I learn with you.

Getting feedbacks and information about what the instagram community like, was also quite usefull as we use this tool to make our brands impactful everyday. Here are few information that might be a game changer on how you will use instagram from now on (If you want to be seen, give value and want to impact positively):

  1. We are 1 billion people on Instagram around the world

  2. 42% of the instagram community in Europe is actively interested in Fashion & Style

  3. The 3 most important trends currently regarding instagram users are : FEELING, GROWING, EXPRESSING

  4. Instagram want to make IGTV the next generation video which means they will go in favor of accounts pushing content with that feature 🙂

  5. 70% of teens watch videos on smartphones weekly or more

  6. 50% of all video viewing will be done on mobile by 2020

  7. 60% increase in time spent watching videos on instagram year over

  8. 49% of orders appeared on mobile in 2017

  9. Smartphone e-commerce sales will X3 in the next 4 years

  10. 100 million people follow # on instagram (so they are very important and useful ;))


Videos in feed and in IGTV will get your community crazy if it is full of sense. Mini – series, tutorials and questions ask while making lives are strongly recommended as users love interactions. So, for those of you that only post a picture and then run away, you know now what to do.

In terms of account to learn from, the following were given as examples with specific things to study / look and transfer to your account (transfering is different from copying ;)) :

  1. Glossier (check out the tutorials in the feed and the close up to the details : users love that !)

  2. Everlane (check out how they share their team spirit and make make you become a guest star in their HQ even if you are billons of miles away)

  3. Nike (for how they focus on their core value and express it in their feed)

As another tip, they give a great one that people love : making video versions of your pictures which brings the user to interact differently with your brand and gives him some exclusive insight of it.

The content in this specific case can on top of that be shared by different partners of the project or team members of the brand.

To conclude, this is what you should keep in mind and act on to have a real positive impact on your community :


  2. Create VIDEOS VERSION OF YOUR IMAGES and play more with boomerang and hyperlapse

  3. Show the DETAILS (#ODDSatisfyingdetails)


  5. Do more EPISODIC stories content or build MINISERIES, MINI-DOCUMENTARIES

  6. Use INSTALIVES to SHOW DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES of what most people share (ex. on a Fashion Show, everybody will share the captions from the public, share those from the departure of the models and you will offer another perspective)

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