💘💘 What did I learn about engagement from my friend bachelorette party ? 💘💘

Hello to you all,

I hope you are well.

This weekend I was in Barcelona to bury my girlfriend Barbara’s life. We met 8 years ago when I worked in department stores. Around her, 8 friends with some who knew her since the age of 5 and we were all together to honor this friendship and (begin) to celebrate soon 8 years of love that unite them and Sebastian.

It was an experience so rich humanly speaking that I returned to Paris full of questions about human relations in general (it’s a little heart of what we all do is not it;)) and about fidelity (of our communities) in particular ….

They are true to themselves and their values

If there is one thing we all agree on this weekend it is the power of their love and how they naturally attract people around them who for the most part are very loyal to them. While the concept of loyalty is strongly challenged in our current societies, I asked myself:

What is their secret ?Is it transferable to other things such as the loyalty of a community or customers to their brand for example? Here’s what I discovered …The more radically honest they are, the more they love each other (#SelfLove), the more crazy the other is in love with his partner The more this radically honest love radiates, the more they attract people around them who, like them, are faithful to the same values, to themselves, love each other and therefore want to share and spread the moments, energies shared by the groupThe more they are constant in the affections, the feelings, the relations with the people who surround them and the more we are faithful to them as well as to the group

Why am I telling you all this?

Because we are human beings and it is not because you have a brand that it must behave differently than Barbara and Sebastian to their circle of friends.

Behind each association / brand / blog / project / work there are women and men and it is this part that interests people today and makes them stay faithful.

I speak (of course) of those whose core values ​​are aligned with those of your brand / blog / project / artwork and associated teams.

I noticed that people leaving a community are:

either because the brand / project holder wears a mask: this is often the case when a person makes a rather foolish copy of what another person is doing and, as a result, the mask attracts people who are interested in what they are doing. emerges. The real community, it prefers to flee (you can also here the parallel with some romantic relationships where you have one and seen what it has brought you …) or because the brand / project leader is positioned on a just cause because it is trendy but not really engaged: there, often his community or the people concerned are much better informed than the person because are subjects that engage them. Result: the project and its bearers “are very expensive” In the second case, there is the example of the brand Gillette which is very well deciphered by Stan LeLoup (see video below in french).

Fortunately, there are people who change the game and that’s what I tell you in this part 1 of this VLOGumentary on my Only Woke channel. I went to meet those who, in my opinion, build the future and who, like you and me, are ordinary citizens.

For this first part, they are the founders and founders of the brands and collectives: Bérine, Collectif Gamut, Mawena, N’GO

In conclusion, we communicate to be human to human and each story we emit a message, it is a reflection of who we are.

If we do not tell anything (= the messages we emit), we lose interest in each other. The interest drops. The community is fleeing. Same thing if the stories told are “fake”. A project, alone, whoever it is is always dry and tasteless so it does not make anyone want it if it does not make us feel anything.

The more accurate, honest, aligned with your message, the more impact you will have.

The more human and aligned with your values, the more people love, share, engage and (re) share your values and feelings.

We talk about it (among other things) next Sunday at the #AskMeSomething workshop (there are still 5 places) for those interested.

Have a good day and see you soon.


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