You are looking into making an impact meaning waking up every morning knowing that what you do changes people’s lives, making them feel better and feeling at ease in their daily work ?

You feel that what you do is OK but that you could do much more, you just do not have the accurate tools ? You are willing to invest in yourself and people in your company and change in order to have the prosperity you all deserve ? You need to make yourself, employees in your company succeed by giving them the tools to do so.

Inside or outside your organisation, Phoenix provides you with the right habits, ressources and tools so that you can become the best version of yourself.

Everything starts with a choice you make for yourself, your teams and your organization such as:

  1. I want to improve the outcomes of my company, my job and make the choice to do what it takes to see our organisation become prosperous

  2. I want the right content for me to be able to learn what I need to grow

  3. I feel that the job I have right now is not fulfilling enough and that I need to work on myself and work with my co-workers to make sure we all feel better

  4. I need empowerment to be able to do our job better which can have a huge positive human impact, but as an HR I wonder how I can help

We work with all professionals as the company size doesn’t matter.

The people are what matters.

You can be part of a company, or building your company. You can be a Human Ressource manager looking to partner with us. You can be from the private or the public sector. We are agile and flexible as we are connected to how the world works today.

What matter is using our knowledge and experience to build creative and innovative solutions putting people first.

Among the topics we’ve delivered in our workshops :

  1. How to be a leader on your own terms ?

  2. How to develop your brand through public speaking ?

  3. How to make sure our organization thrive building the right action plan to do so ? How to be an engaged Digital Native Vertical Brand and what does it take to be one?

  4. How to master web marketing as the new language with your community ?

  5. How to build a podcast for your company voice to touch people deeply and efficiently ?

  6. How can I better Product development & Quality control in my company making it more sustainable ?

  7. How to make my ecosystem more transparent and sustainable ?

  8. How to change the sourcing process of my company in order to make it more ethical ?

  9. How to make sure that people feel better by having Slow Working process ?

  10. How can I transform myself to have a better impact in my company ?

  11. Fashion, Retail & Circular Economy or how to be a game changer ?

You like WHY & HOW we do what we do ? You want to know more about how we can make you succeed impacting people live in your organisation and ecosystem ?

Contact us, we will be please to see how we can make sure you reach your goals and feel fulfilled.


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