This new fund can invest in your Direct To Consumer Business

Hello, As you already know, at Phoenix we are all about Direct – To – Consumer brands, brand content and branding. And apparently, we are not the only one ! Have you ever heard of Tim Amstrong & the DTX Company ?This former AOL, GOOGLE executive and ex – OATH CEO is a former tech and media professional launching a new venture deploying a 10 M€ fund to invest in Direct – To – Consumer businesses.

As I quote from the CNBC article that share all information about his new venture :

“Its mission, Armstrong says, is to “empower consumers and companies to build direct relationships.” His company will invest in start-ups in this space and work with these brands to help them scale. Additionally, dtx will launch pop-up experiences to introduce a broader range of direct-to-consumer companies to people around the country.

Armstrong’s thesis is built on the explosion of direct-to-consumer retail. He says he sees the economy transforming away from a “one-way, wholesale distributor relationship,” thanks to technology around social media and payments, in particular.” If you are already a D – To – C business that needs to scale, this is your chance to grow ! If you need to transform your model and become a D to C business, contact usand we will be happy to help 🙂 Have a great day.

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