The Infinite Game Will Change Your Vision

This morning, let’s leave two minutes tools and actions and rise our brain. The economic game that is played in Europe and in the world has changed.

These rules are not practical or digital tools. The game that is played today is a paradigm shift and mindset and you take the tools without having the rules of the game or the right state of mind, you will exhaust yourself.

In short, do you undertake to beat your competition or yourself? Are you trying to be number 1 or the best version of yourself?

I know that a lot of companies are thinking about being long-term oriented, but an alternative way of thinking about it is being infinite. Being an infinite company is an idea that my friend, author Simon Sinek, has been discussing with me. Simon explained that a company’s purpose is to advance its vision, and since a vision is a mountaintop you never quite get to, you should have an infinite time horizon. But many companies are designed to be finite. Finite companies are focused on beating their competitors and appeasing short-term interests. But business is not finite. Unlike sports, there is no time clock, so there can be no winning or losing – there is merely surviving and innovating to endure. This doesn’t mean that meeting clear goals isn’t important or that you should lose your sense of urgency and avoid tough decisions. Short term success is still important so long as it advances your vision. As Simon put it, it means that your focus should be on getting to the mountaintop, not the rest stop on the way up the mountain.” – Brian Chesky, CEO de Air BnB about Simon Sinek vision.

When Brian Chesky announced in an open letter to his entire community last year that a 22nd century company would survive the next century and not just the next quarter by citing his friend Simon Sinek, in the US that to awaken consciences but I am not sure that in Europe the message has passed, so I also want to give you access to this message which will, I hope, allow you to make sure you have the right mindset, to give you “mental” keys even more powerful than all the digital tools that you can have in my opinion.

In the video above, Simon Sinek shares the 5 points that get you started with the right mindset:

  1. a cause that is right

  2. courageous leadership

  3. a team you can trust

  4. a rival who is worthy

  5. a game book / rules of the game that are flexible

I’m not going to tell you everything here and the video will be more impacting too, but we can discuss it further if you wish at our next meeting. Indeed, this vision is also to infuse in the new “business models” that are created ….

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