The Craftory Invests 300 Millions $ In Engaged Brands

Raising money or not raising money? The question includes several points:

– ethics – control – respect for the vision – the possibility of doing things – dependence vs. independence – …

Time flies and is short. Therefore, we need to spend it doing things, but the HOW is also important : I prefer long term players, what about you ?

Well, if you do, it seems that you will get along with : The Craftory The fund say they want to invest only in committed brands being real “challengers” of the current classical actors. Based in London with an office in the US, they have 300 million $ to invest in meaningful, highly disruptive, radical projects in their vision with a strong mission.

Imagine tomorrow’s LVMH or KERING: more committed, allowing brands to tell authentic and innovative stories: it’s apparently them (The Craftory TEAM)

It’s up to you depending on where you want to go today and where you are in your project.

To learn more about the founder of The Craftory Elio Leoni Sceti and his state of mind, you will find a video below of him at The One Young World Summit .

The Craftory founder Elio Leoni Sceti at One Young World 2018 Summit

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