As our mission is to beat poverty and unemployment we make sure that we have the right information and therefore, we build our own studies mixing researches, experimentations and field work.

To build a more sustainable world, we need to :

  1. meet the needs of all within the means of the planet

  2. reinvent the way the economy is thought through the reinvention of jobs and their meaning

  3. recreate new ecosystems and models to make sure they serve people and the planet

These studies will be the gateways to programs built by us with our partners in order to raise awareness and find, transfer or build solutions to get closer in getting our mission done : beating poverty and unemployment.

Crédit Photo : Dimitri Vervitsiotis

Our first study will come out in 2019 and gather the Outcomes and Impact of the development of Creative Industries SMs in Africa.

More information coming soon.

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