Some tools to make influence more efficient

Hello everyone,

First, thank you all for your feedback on our articles. We are very touched to see that many of you share it and especially apply the advice we give. Do not hesitate to give too much because the more we give and the more we receive at the height of what we give so: SHARE LOVE 🙂

To be more pragmatic in our advice and adapt our solutions, we will move on to your side and confront myself from A to Z to your problems as an insider by deploying from April to August a brand in drop shipping.

This will be the opportunity to share even more tools with you in this newsletter. Indeed, if we must create the future, we must invent it and therefore TO DO in 2019 helps TO CREATE, TO INVENT, TO INNOVATE, don’t you think ?

My main tool for deploying this brand will be using influence, so I’m went to get advice from a friend, a digital genius, and here are 3 tools he advised me to use (for more detail and the right indicators to take action, they can be delivered through a coaching) :

  1. Hype Auditor : this tool offers brands to analyze the accounts of influencers in exchange of few euros. When you make a collaboration with another brand or an artist or an influencer, it allows you to see if the engagement is real, if the followers are too, and to increase your chances of transforming prospects into clients.

  2. Hivency : the tool allows you to deploy your strategy of influence on a large scale. This has a cost as any investment in your development but will help you be more effective in your selection of influencers and therefore gain time.

  3. Pods : Instagram Pods are micro-communities whose members support each other to make themselves known in order to cope with the changes imposed by the algorithm and therefore the decline of followers. But how exactly does it work? The concept of a pod on Instagram is simple: you join a private discussion group. You share your new photos, the other members of the pod do the same … and you “commit” to like and comment on the photos of others.


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