The Future of Work is indeed the present. Everybody wants to do something on their own. Nobody wants to be tied up anymore with a specific company and we all want to handle our time as we want to.

The 21st century Creative Consulting Agency For Good is born, it is part of THE FUTURE OF CREATIVE INDUSTRIES and it is called Phoenix 🙂

At Phoenix, we believe in freedom AND responsibility.

We started by building an incredible platform where people bring their stories, talents, projects, hard work and within the platform, we find the best people and build teams to go for it !

Most of the key players we partner with are experts, designers, artists, scientists, techniciens, journalists, writers, entrepreneurs. Most of them are freelancers we tested or SMs we’ve collaborated with or Laura have collaborated with during her 8 years + story navigating in the workplace.

If you are a brand or a company and you feel you want to innovate in the way you open your employees mind, touch your clients with emotion or inspire your whole community, please contact us and we will gather our best partners to create be best solution for you.

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