Laura Brown, founder of Phoenix Brain Rising

“I am the change that I want to see in the world. I love food, design, art, movies and most of the creative industries as I believe that emotions are transferrable in any space of society and are a crucial driver to see positive change and impact happening. I am very engaged in people’s fulfillment as I think that it brings joy and happiness for all.
After my studies in Fashion / Design & Luxury Management I did like everybody and went to get a job. I was happy as I thought that it was the job of my life. But no, it wasn’t. And therefore I quit as life is too precious to spend it unfulfilled. Many people wonder what I really do as I have many cords but in fact, I am a transformer. I help people be happy in their lives and find their talent and passion in order that they are fulfilled. It’s been a decade that I work in Creative Industries now. As I am pretty engaged, I do not only do that for joy and happiness, but because I really want to change the world. How ? By changing the society we live in, transforming the culture in companies, by transforming people. I believe that I am a designer, an engage creative that believe that you can shape things for good. Use INNOVATION & CREATIVITY for GOOD. I federate a strong network of makers, doers, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, institutions, schools & universities, activists. We all believe that we can beat poverty and unemployment by making the world a better place and as we spent 80% of our time at work, I ‘ve decided to tackle that part. I think that if you are happy at work, you are more productive, which creates economical and social activity, therefore more jobs. With Phoenix, I want to make sure that professionals are fulfill at work and that companies thrive using education, creativity and engagement”. Laura Brown
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