In This #BackToSchool period, if you want to have an impact, telling us a story will make you sell


Hello everyone,

I hope you had a great summer. I am delighted to see you again in this exciting new season as national and international issues are pushing us to innovate. As I like to say, “we have a lot of work to do”!

Between the burning Amazonia, the impact of the economic war China / U.S.A. on Europe which slowed the trade in the area and national (France) consumption which, therefore, takes a hit …

… Do we really need or want to buy a new bag? A new dress ? A new pair of shoes ? The answer is no.

Do we want to open 15 000 emails that have the subject: SALE, DISCOUNT, or SPECIAL OFFER? Maybe, but in the end, a large majority will go to the trash because we get too much of that.

So where is our attention? What do we want?

We want to help. We want to live. We want to be fulfilled. We want to feel things. Not just being a “passive” consumer (this one is disappearing at lightning speed, thanks to the skyrocketing knowledge economy and YouTube).

Today, we want to be recognized for our actions. We want to feel useful. We want at our level to save the world (we must look at the pyramid of Maslow but from above ;)).

And what drives us to do it? When do we go to action? Others. The environment. Those who inspire us: artists, brands, public figures, entrepreneurs … Those who “bombard” us with messages every day online and offline. You. Me. We. If we feel that in front of us, those who speak to us daily and who have the power to do so really do, we move to action (not “blah blah” with a little bit of “bullshit” to test the citizen’s intelligence who knows much more than us about how to save the world and to whom we make promises by signing all together hand in hand a (fashion) pact).

People want and expect deeds, real ones.

Today, whether we like it or not, buying is an act of commitment and validation (support) in the same way as clicking to open an email, like a post or listen to a podcast. In a world where standardization tires us and the constant noise of social networks exhausts us: we want to vibrate. We want to laugh. We want emotion. This is what people buy.

Take for example artists in the music industry: competition is tough (as for brands in a world where attention is key)! They are often on all streaming platforms + social networks (= channels) and the general public (especially millennials “stream” (= download) their “drops” (= titles), no longer in power because they want to support and engage with those who make them have a good time, but … wait … I think Rihanna for FENTY says drops too, no? Oh yes, but she’s an artist … in the music industry 😉

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "rihanna show"

Few or more album at all called “drops” rather (unless you’re a “it * or banger * maker” (as at this moment DJ SNAKE or LIZZO and their millions of views speak for themselves).

Transfer that to your brand: does that mean more collection or not? You choose.

Now, the billion-euro question I see in your head: “What does it mean to have a good time with my brand?”

An example for me successful? The example of REEBOK with the artist CARDI B decrypted by me in video (8 min) to illustrate how to spend a good time in his community (Where here, ABSOLUT who did not “broke the head” and who collaborated with LIZZO on his “banger” to 34 MILLIONS OF VIEWS to make sure to conquer a new community in an efficient way).

So, do you want to learn to tell your story? Learn to be bold in your communication and let go to have a good time for members of your community? Go further than tell them: “come buy our products or we make – 20%?” (Because that, just to remind you, it is the speech of all brands …)

Tell your story is not your thing with all the examples and cases that you find on the internet or in this post?

Do not panic, I’m here, and I give you the opportunity to ask me how in a new workshop: #ASKMESOMETHING

Whether you start your brand or are over 50 years of age, it does not matter here because there is no age to learn. But that, many of you already know.

On September 15 and September 29 you can ask me for 3H: SOMETHING. May this be : – on your business model – on your branding (= branding) – about your communication strategy (ex question: how to effectively move social networks to the physical in 1 emotion;)) For 89 € per person and for 3 hours, I will give you my advice in detail (15 seats per workshop): at this price, I will put glitter in your life (as Ines Reg would say… She has just made all of France laugh , and go from 13,000 to + 700,000 followers in 10 days on instagram … and … is quietly filling rooms for her show … Damn, this could easily piss some retailers off ….

Her only investment and gift? A video of 55 seconds or she just makes us laugh!)

In conclusion, how to have impact and sell today? (Because it was still the subject of this email, and as I said in the introduction: “we have the taf”):

Tell us your stories and have a good time with you.

Have a great day.

See you soon and looking forward to reading you.

Laura Brown

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