How to skyrocket your sales using UGC : the Glossier Case

With over a billion users a month, Instagram is so much more than a way to promote your brand, it’s a market that can generate the growth you’re looking for, yet you need to know how to use the power of your community. and go beyond paying levers, which today are limiting your business.

Glossier is THE world’s first digital cosmetics brand that has been able to use Instagram as a growth vector superior to most others, and has managed to create a HYPER ENGAGED community of 1.8 million users.

To develop and grow up to 1.8 million subscribers, founder Emily Weiss started the company first by testing her products via her feed, then developing the “peer-to-peer referrals” and finally, using and abusing the UGC : the USER GENERATED CONTENT.

The U.G.C. is underestimated and underused by many brands and yet the brands that today “cardboard” as WARBY PARKER, CASPER or DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB use and abuse!

Most ? It costs them almost zero euro, and strongly engages their communities who love it!

In addition to that , at a time where acquisition costs are more and more expensive and advertisements can annoy your community, it is a wonderful tool!


cbinsights / Glossier

Glossier realized that people liked to post images of their shipments on the platform, and the company noticed a pattern that it wanted to encourage further.

To do this, they started to give stickers to customize packages and ask their community to share on their feed with the good @ and #, proposing to re-post on its feed which leads to the most artistic people to create content that is more and more cool and engaging as each member seeks to excel.

The U.G.C. strategy of the brand can be summed up in 3 simple steps:

  1. Build customizable products so that people want to create content around and share

  2. Share and republish the content of their clients

  3. Encourage even more and better the U.G.C.

I do not know who said this sentence but think about it: “everyone wants to be famous“, especially in the era of instagram.

The benefits for your brand?

  1. a commitment that increases

  2. Increasing sales because nothing beats RECOMMENDATION and SHARING

  3. a community of ambassadors who speak for you from you to their hyper-committed micro-communities (example below)

cbinsights / Glossier

And you, what content strategy on instagram could you create, which ressemble you and will skyrocket your sales?

Have a great day,

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