How To Drive 100K Visits On Your Website, Thanks To This Smart Blog Strategy

Hello everyone,

This morning we talk about SEO / SMO or how your blog / journal / magazine can bring you + 100K qualified visits to your site every month! This is the case of the brand The Honest Company by Jessica Alba.

In 2011, while trying to understand the composition of the cleaning products she bought to make sure she did not endanger her future child, Jessica Alba understood that it was a jungle of incomprehensible words! To simplify understanding to others, she started writing articles about each ingredient ….

The result ? For each ingredient, the brand is placed (in 2011) in # 1 of the first GOOGLE page. And who do you think will have the same reflex as it is to try to understand the composition of cleaning products versus the danger for their children? Other moms.

Not bad for a brand that sells ecological cleaning products and whose main target is “that same mom”, right?

TO CONCLUDE … Beyond the keywords that are directly linked to the category of products to which you belong, what could you say that puts you in # 1 on the first page of google?

The questions to ask yourself:

  1. How can your blog / journal / magazine become a source of solutions for your community and more?

  2. What are the challenges / problems faced by your community?

  3. What are the sources of entertainment in your community?

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