How Jake Paul does free publicity and make the press talk about him ?

Hello everyone,

Currently, I am implementing branding strategies (= communication + image) for several brands and I realize that many of them are afraid. Afraid of “what people will say”, afraid of what the competition might think or say. Afraid of the judgment of those around them, as if we were still in college …

In the end, some remain in between, or tend to be inactive because frozen by fear and not enough communication and image except what “everyone” is already doing ….

When inactive, there is a violent impact on their turnover or a dependence on “trends”, dangerous because “trend” is to be short-termist. Clearly, “trends” should be a lever, not your bottom strategy.

The thing is, if you:

  1. do like everyone else,

  2. communicate like everyone else,

  3. want to touch everyone,

  4. go through the same channels as everyone


Ryan Holiday by Jared Polin

Ryan Holiday (which you must surely know) was a few years ago the marketing director of the brand American Apparel. He invented “Growth Hacking” . He wrote :

  1. Trust Me, I’m Lying

  2. Growth Hacker Marketing

  3. The Obstacle Is the Way

  4. Ego Is the Enemy

He participated to the success of American Apparel creating powerful and effective communication and image strategies that are based on things that have been knowing for more than 2000 years (ex. Benetton or Tom Ford and Carine Roitfeld concerning Porno Chic ).

When these strategies are properly transferred to your brand with your DNA, your singularity, your essence, your identity: IT WORKS! (top 5 of American Apparel ads analyzed by Tim FerrisHERE).

By taking a closer look at brands and public figures, I have identified key points and elements that keep coming back.

Successful brands implement strategies that generate free advertising and excite the press.

These brands are:

  1. radical = they are absolute, total or definitive

  2. singular = they are unique, particular

  3. authentic = they are of the utmost sincerity

  4. controversial = they provoke debate, discussion of an issue motivated by differing opinions or interpretations

  5. empathic = they put themselves in others’ shoes and perceive how they feel

Among the personalities I am currently studying, the Jake Paul case. At age 22, it exceeds 18 million subscribers on Youtube and makes more than a hundred thousand dollars a month in advertising revenue.

Whether we like Jake Paul or not, that’s not the question at all.

What we need to think of is :

  1. what can we learn from him?

  2. or Ora ïto at his beginnings ?

  3. or about Warby Parker on how they treat their community ?

  4. or about le Slip Français on Youtube ?

  5. or about Michel et Augustin for their HR strategy in the subway ?

  6. or about Michel-Edouard Leclerc on LinkedIN ?

Why do we remember them ? Which émotions do they trigger that touches you, mark your brain and..make you engage ?

Some answers in the video bellow… .

Have an excellent day.

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