How Gretta did 1 million $ online in 1day with her brand the 5th ?

Hello, Have you ever heard of Gretta Rose Van Riel, co-founder of The Fifth Watches? The brand is a practical case of tips I gave you last week on brand development through Instagram and influence marketing. Here’s what you need to know about the launch and deployment of The Fifth brand and who can help you:

  1. at the start of the brand, Greta and his co-founder only have a list of 8000 subscribers and 1200 pieces before the launch of the first sale (thought about launching a collection, it’s the same)

  2. 1 million $ over 1 day after the brand’s first birthday, including $ 232,000 after a minute of sales: a proven strategy

  3. a strategy based on time rather than price with a “flash sale” system: the watches were sold on the 5th of each month for 5 days only based on a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) strategy the basics of business strategy to increase demand and perceived value: rarity, exclusivity, social proof

  4. In a saturated market, the brand choose to make a difference through its model rather than its product because the expectations of customers are anyway high today on the quality of high-end products in particular

  5. The importance of branding, history are the basics !

  6. Facilitate reservations / payments via: registration of the card on the website or request notification to receive a template via the registration of the mail for the model that interests the brand

  7. 25 days out of 30, only content and a genuine relationship with its community The easiest way to have new tools to use for your brand? Watch the 9 min video below. Have a great day.

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