Hey Sister Podcast

Recap from Hey Sister website (The podcast is in French):

” In this first episode of Hey Sisters, I get Laura Brown, entrepreneur and founder of Phoenix Brain Rising.

I met Laura for the first time at a conference on women’s empowerment, and I quickly realized that engagement was an important part of her life. After studies and a career in fashion, especially in department stores, Laura has created her Phoenix Brain Rising firm to help professionals in the creative industries in their transformation. On a daily basis, she uses digital, environmental and social innovations to transform and support companies in the fashion industry towards a more respectful and eco-responsible practice. Fashion, and especially the era of fast fashion that we entered, has catastrophic repercussions on humanity, as many of us became aware of in particular following the terrible accident of Rana Plaza (which took the life April 24, 2013 to more than 1130 people and injured no less than 2500 people), since become the sad symbol of abuse of the Fast Fashion. But the impacts are also heavily felt on the environment, being the 2nd most polluting industry in the world (after oil), as highlighted by the documentary The True Cost. During our conversation, Laura and I talk a little about her career, her history, through her childhood and her studies, in which she draws her commitment (2’27), the power of communication (8 ‘ 29), from his “culotte” debut in the world of fashion (19’19), the impact of digital and speed on the relationship between the fashion industry and the “real life” (31 ‘ 30), his definition of innovation and the alliance between aesthetics and CSR (37’35), the new wave of alternative solutions and the problem of waste management (46’40), his adventure entrepreneurial Phoenix (56’00) and the biggest challenges of the fashion industry, with a small appeal to the French president (1’02’00)” . – Morgane Dion

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