Phoenix is an hybrid player. We go from empowerment, entertainment to learning new skills. We take people out of their comfort zone (uncertainty is becoming the norm), to place them in a caring and creative setting in order to stimulate their eagerness to grow and learn.

Why ? Because for us, Maslow’s pyramid is now obsolete. Or rather, we look at the pyramid, but from the sky. What do we see? An ellipse. An ecosystem, with at the heart, the personal fulfillment of each and all the organization.

Today, google is accessible by everyone. So our added value lies not only in the unique content we build but also in the choice of our speakers and in the frameworks we select to create the best educational experiences possible, while providing you with the resources and tools necessary for your elevation.

As we are passionated about people, meeting them to make them grow by starting new conversations is very important to us. Therefore, we organize many talks inside organizations and outside of them as we believe that they make people grow.

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