Organizations today to be consistent and respond to what their communities want must:

  1. Be transparent so say what they do, whether it is good or bad. In any case, sooner or later, things are known.

  2. Be authentic by adopting their own speech and expressing their own values by speaking with their own voice, not the voice of others.

  3. Be responsible, which means knowing that the choices they make will inevitably have an impact and suddenly take responsibility for the social, economic and environmental impacts they create, whether positive or negative.

  4. Be human meaning to know how to adjust to your community and showing empathy within your ecosystem.

Each organization must have empathy for its partners and collaborators at every stage of the organization’s development: employees, suppliers, ambassadors and partners.

What matters is the meaning, the emotion, the authenticity, the vision, listening to your community / ecosystem, integrating it into your development and putting it at the heart of your organization.

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