Daniel Tohou, Tailor & Creative director of Nefer Couture

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“The beautiful and the perfect, that is what the name NEFER means. Both words are the soul of the house. Creativity & elegance are the backbone. These ingredients offer you the know-how of NEFER COUTURE.
Know-how from its creator, Daniel TOHOU, is the cornerstone of the house. Technician and tailor craftsman, apprentice of big house like Lanvin or Smalto, he innovates by creating for the men’s cloakroom, a perfect alchemy between the French luxury and the African creativity (wax, bogolans, Fasso danfani, Kenté etc). Nefer is like a moment of peace. Two identities, two worlds, one board” www.nefer.fr

Daniel and I met 5 years ago when I started my company. I was always impressed by his passion for quality bespoke man clothing and his talent. Tailoring is clearly in his DNA but in today world, it is a challenge to have a model based on tailoring that matches the digital world and Daniel wanted to combine both : tailoring and a digital model to fit and serve his clients. Furthermore, he wanted all men to be able to feel at ease in his brand, and become a member of the club.

He started thinking not about the way to touch all men with the product but better : he asked his community and saw by observing them what those men were wearing and how he could serve them with his talent. He just launched new pieces including sweaters and head caps to add more casual elements in the Nefer wardrobe.

To work on his model, he participated to a training session as you may imagine that integrating new pieces or lines add a whole set of questions and thinking into how the brand should evolves.

Here he shares his experience with us about it and how we helped him have a better understanding and tools of the sales strategy he should integrate.

As Daniel is growing his company, hiring people and making sure that craftmen he collaborates with have work on a regular basis, it meant having a plan and investing time and money in learning how to do things differently.

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