We provide creative consulting for good.

When you are sick, your noose is running, your throat is hurting, you have back cramps : you know you have a cold. You then go to the doctor, get a diagnosis, and then a prescription to buy the right medication and then get better.

To beat poverty and unemployment we make sure that professionals are fulfill at work and that companies thrive using education, creativity and engagement. So if we provide you with the right consult, advice and action plan, you will thrive and create jobs.

Therefore, if you are reading this page, maybe you need / want a consult 🙂 Or, you might just be asking yourself :

  1. Why is my organization not yet a financial success and how can I change that ?

  2. Why is my employees turn over so hight and how to make people want to stay being happy and productive ?

  3. Why our organization has a negative impact on its environment like having a high rate of waste and how you can change that ?

We transfer competences to build new solutions as our mission is to beat poverty and unemployment by making sure that organizations thrive using education, creativity and engagement.

With our consultants, designers and artists we partner with you and your team in order to overcome your challenges through innovative solutions’ building.

We cover all Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.) issues from social integration to product sustainability or employee well being.

You need some concrete examples of challenges we can help you with ?

  1. You need to conduct change meaning integrating cultural changes in your organization and want new proposals on how to do differently

  2. You need to rethink your business strategy to fit in today’s world

  3. You need to build a C.S.R. study on a specific topic like on you waste or circular economy

  4. You need to go online or go offline with you business to have a stronger positive impact

  5. You want to change your processes and integrate C.S.R. tools and actions in your strategy

  6. You want to change the way your organisation function to make it more agile and horizontal and make sure your middle managers, managers and employees are all on the same page

Contact us, we will be please to see how we can make sure you reach your goals and feel fulfilled.

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