You are lost.

You have tested so many things, you feel you need some structure, some guidance. Why ? because even if you know your values, you realize that the tools and the world around you is changing and that what you use to do before, doesn’t work anymore.

Many situations possible that will mean that you will want to make a change and contact us for a coaching :

  1. Your target use social media more than reading magazine but even if you use them, you do not have the results you are expecting.

  2. Your turn over is slowly going down making you wake up in the middle of the night surching for solutions but feeling like you have tried everything. Exhausted. The situation is making it difficult for you to have an impact meaning : investing in people, in your team and the tools for them to work properly.

  3. Your image doesn’t reflect your story and you need to make your brand more appealing

We believe that companies are part of those building tomorrow’s world and we think that in tomorrow’s world, people want to connect directly with their organizations with nobody in between.

It does not mean that multi-brands stores or platforms are dead. It just mean that the whole system is changing and that the role of each actor too. Therefore, we have decided to focus our coachings on the DNVB model : Digital Native Vertical Brands

Regardless of your years of existence or non existence, you can all learn to make your organization and brand a digital and vertical one.

The goal is to give you the right tools in line with the state you are in and enable you to achieve effective results in the short, medium and long term.

They are measurable both quantitatively and qualitatively.

The process is simple : we spend 1 to 5 days with you and at the end of the coaching, you end up with a calendar and an action plan of what you need to do to get grow and develop your organization.

For us the 4 topics below are the pillars of our coaching :


  1. A “fanbase” what is it? And how to feed her, and give her love?

  2. Why is your “fanbase” the key to your success or how to make it so?

  3. Who is who, who does what in your “fanbase”?

  4. How to grow, deploy, federate your “fanbase”?

Brand image

  1. Tell his story: myths & realities of “storytelling”.

  2. The art of knowing how to write your brand speech or the power of words.

  3. One image may hide another: perception and realities versus the vision of one’s community.

  4. What is a brand platform that makes you addicted?

  5. “Best Practices” of the best branding on the planet and how to learn how to adapt the best for your brand.

Digital & Innovation

  1. Social Networks & back office or how to manage your brand online

  2. Data & Learnings or how to make the data speak to make the best decisions?

  3. Between Data & Emotion, my heart swings.

  4. The tools to adopt according to your stage for more efficiency and performance.

Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.)

  1. Transform my waste or dormant stocks (negative externalities) into positive impacts (positive externalities).

  2. How do you measure your R.S.E actions?

  3. How do I help my teams take the sustainable development train on the move?

Many possibilities

You can choose to see us intervene in one day on all of your brand and company by formulating a specific problem that you want to solve. This is the DNVB 360° possibility.

We build the answer to this challenge in 8H and at the end of the day we send you a concrete action plan to realize. We can also intervene on one or more topics over two to five days and offer online workshops in short format.

You want to know more ? Contact us, we will be please to see how we can make sure you reach your goals and feel fulfilled.

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