Attention Is All That Matters And Art And Branding Will Help You Get There

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Hello everyone,

This morning I want to talk to you about the only one that will count in the next 10 years is: ATTENTION. The channels are now final: Instagram, Facebook, Google AD, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Amazon, Apple. You must be everywhere, you are sure to adapt your content to your community if it may prefer: audio, video, photos, words.

Yesterday, I came across the latest video from Gary Vaynerchuk that I’ve already told you about. This guy is a rockstar of entrepreneurship who became in the years 90-2000 America’s wine guy bringing his father’s business in wine from 3 million to 60 million euros a year. He is a magna of media, marketing and social networks.


In the video I’m going to put you down titled “The Power of Social Media Marketing in 2019” Gary asks the audience (in Las Vegas, USA): “Stand up for those watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO GO, Hulu, OTT “. Only about 8% of the room remains seated. Then he finishes “while no one is watching TV, there is still 70 billion dollars that are spent in advertising on TV in the US”.

It gives us two essential keys that will change the game for those who will adopt the right mindset in their business:

  1. the art / creativity in content creation and branding will become essential to differentiate in the next 10 years because there will be far too much content and these two means can capture the attention in a noisy world

  2. the value you bring to your audience is the only thing that matters and it will have to be of 2 kinds: useful and / or entertainment

Look at the apps on your phone that is the remote control of our era: either it’s useful or it’s entertainment-oriented, your community selects what it consumes in the same way.


  1. the art of making and delivering quality content will become paramount to capture the attention

  2. those who will be able to tell the best stories that bring the most value in a useful and / or entertaining way to their audience will win

  3. share your thoughts and do not be afraid to express your vision and truth online, it pays

  4. have a mindset of “hacking attention”

  5. SMS and LinkedIN are currently medium-term and 2 strong trends as a means of delivering content that is still inexpensive and can easily bring a lot of value to an audience with a powerful “organic reach” and commitment rates interesting

  6. remember to adapt your content on all social networks / platforms, the purpose being to serve your community by adapting to its use (audio, video, photos, text), networks are channels that you must fill

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