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Sunday was the first #AskMeSomething workshop and it was magic. The main learnings transmitted? How to be honest in your communication and create a brand content to transform and sell? How to do empowerment when doing social business rather than humanitarian not to kill local economies? How to be sincere and authentic without necessarily talking about the personal history of the founders / founders of a brand? Or how to really understand the human being to be fair, effective and “impacting” in the way he communicates a message? (I call this radical integrity: it is a notch above “authenticity” because we can be authentic but not sincere, true, but that, everyone sees it today … )

Some concrete examples

Among the champions in radical integrity: the French Brief. So some people will say that they can not hear more about this brand because often taken as an example but it is clear that #lateamduslip with Guillaume Gibault at his head exceeds and constantly do what I call ” ‘over delivering’: they give much more experience and emotional charge than the value of the product, even in a simple post and inevitably, they fly.

They understood (like BonneGueule or Oprah Winfrey) that you have to give far more than the perceived value and in a world where it’s the other way around, and well … those who put that in the center of their culture are in advance.

In the post for back to school period that made the Slip on LinkedIN, the brand, true to itself, put all his team in slip for the usual back to school photo (she is one of the few brands to have made elsewhere ) but that touched us all since it appealed to something we all remember … (ahhh nostalgia, I mention it HERE during the recap of the July retail morning …).

RESULTS: If we go on the rule of 10% … (= the minimum in terms of transformation rate if I want 100 sales I must reach 10,000 people because 1000 will be interested and 100 commit):

They have 53666 followers, 7717 engaged in “likant” (14.37% commitment rate) and on those, 346 commented (including me :)). Transformation potential? 34.6 or 35 sales. At 35 € the slip, this is a post that can at least bring 1225 €. But above all, they make the acquisition (I will necessarily think of them if I have to buy a slip for a friend at Christmas, that’s for sure and I’m not yet a customer). And at the same time, they build loyalty.

In a post, the teams of the brand make us live an experience by taking us back to our childhood at a strategic moment of the year (or being in empathy with the parents who will remember them when the children come back from school with this famous class photo). The brand is gathering because if you are parents or a child or an adult, it is a moment that we all lived (the return and the class photo). And above all, they make us laugh: the most powerful emotion to engage, that makes us feel good and that the world clearly needs today (they put, in a post, glitter in our life;)).

This is a concrete example of the level to be given in each content (as simple as a post) if we want to remain relevant, visible and hook, because every detail counts.

At a time when the facebook and instagram algorithms are starting to no longer play in our favor, we will have to give REALLY envy 🙂 And no need to transform yourself into a comedian or scriptwriter if you are not. Collaborate directly with those whose work it is to make us live intense emotions: THE ARTISTS 🙂 (and in the younger generation, there are real pearls, especially in France).

The brand TUSHY has understood this with its campaign I’m An Asshole: after an investment of 5000 €, this video would bring the brand about 100K € per month according to the founder Miki Agrawal.

One last example that “over deliver” and goes against the backdrop of what its industry does: the brand of deodorant for toilet Poo Pourri: first, the packaging is the opposite of what we can observe on this segment of the market and they are the kings of laugh and therefore engagement : from 10M to 42M view on Youtube, it’s almost as good as the artists in the music (Good, OK they do this in a few months ;)).

I repeat: the era we live in today no longer takes into account the reputation or size of a brand or its seniority.

If you are only copying those around you rather than working on your intrinsic added value to make it shine, you may win (crumbs) in the immediate future but you will not hold the length.

If you do not adapt very very quickly, you will disappear.

Moreover: 88% of the Fortune 500 of 1955 no longer exist today ….

It’s daring, over-delivering, commitment, radical integrity and creativity that will pay off. Point blank.

Have a good day.


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