đź‘„ ALEXA, OK GOOGLE : does your brand come out of our mouth 1st ? đź‘„

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well.

Today I wanted to talk to you about VOICE.

Since a long time already, this is powerful and artists in the music industry have understood it well but at the time of ALEXA or OK GOOGLE, it is having a powerful impact on your existence.

I don't know about you but I became addicted to voice notes that I prefer to text messages. And my friends, when they drive, cook or have their hands taken (which is quite often in a day ...) do their research largely thanks to voice commands.

The thing is, there are so many brands that tomorrow, those who have not done this work, to make sure that they have a brand that people remember and that comes in their mind quickly to then, get out of the mouth of people will not exceed the bar of 2020/2021.

For example, there are already many brands I work with who regret not having done micro / macro blogging work online between 1995 and 2000 and are currently suffering because they do not appear in searches GOOGLE searches. Not to mention wikipedia that many can not integrate cleanly because they do not have enough references in the written press online (as photos do not count) ............... ...

But it's not too late for those who want to be here tomorrow, and I'm going to give you some keys to make sure you do not cumulate the challenges and eventually disappear.

It was while watching this video that I thought of you.

IHere Gary Vaynerchuck talks to restaurants owners and explains that voice and voice commands are now more and more present in our lives. When people will do their research tomorrow, they will mostly use their voice. They will no longer say, "OK Google, I want to eat pizza in Le Marais in Paris" but rather "OK ​​GOOGLE, which is the nearest Big Mama restaurant or OK GOOGLE how long is OBER MAMA or EAST MAMA" . Do you understand what that means?

The BRAND is what stays in the minds and makes you get in the TOP OF MIND of what people will say tomorrow.

The question is: are you there or do you want to be there?

To know it, the work to do is simple, ask yourself the question if you answer a need, a pain / envy or a mission.

1 / If you answer only to a need: it is good but you do not mark people's spirit because there is no experience in the fact that one comes to you for what you sell.

This is the minimum and when you leave a production in this world, you necessarily get people who want it if the product is good but that does not mean that they will remember you ;) Today, the product has become a commodity and we can all sell, buy anywhere online and offline. I repeat myself but ....... on this ground there are too many brands. 

2 / If you respond to pain / envy in addition to a need, then you already have more chance to survive and you must then rely on your values ​​and build your experiences on it. Example: I come to buy a dress because I just got dumped by my boyfriend 

3 / In my opinion, the real "game" is played on this point: you must answer a MISSION

What is cool about you in addition to the product your community is getting? You must COMMIT on common values ​​and not those of everyone.

Because if saving the planet (or valuing know-how or making made in ....) is becoming a norm, going back to MEANING with PLEASURE will be a crucial issue in the coming years because we can't forget a brand that triggers our emotions, makes us laugh and stimulates a sense of gratitude or belonging.

You must understand the aspirations of those who love you and why they want to be part of your community.

I often say to the members of mine: what "vibe" do you spread around you? Why do people want to be in your gang?

You must understand, describe and master what makes people want to be "a little" like you and your gang, as Miranda Priestly says ...

Have a great day.


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