6 Simple & Concrete Steps To Define The Foundations Of Your Brand

As I am tired of hearing everything and anything about branding, I’ve decided to share with you the 6 key steps to define your brand identity. No complicated gibberish, but 6 simple points that allow you to easily draw your “portrait” that you can evolve over time.

In the jungle of products that exist today, what will really make the difference between you and the X thousands of people doing the same thing? It’s clearly your identity, your brand.

But when you have your nose constantly in operations, it is sometimes difficult to step back to do the work of introspection that is however essential to your development.

Beyond the logo, you have to go back inside yourself (or inside the founders or the team being the hard core foundation) to extract these 6 key points :


It must be sharp, specific. We all want to change the world but you, why and how do you want to change it? At Phoenix, for example, our mission is to create sustainable ecosystems to fight poverty and unemployment around the world by relying on education and creativity in the creative industries while working on the content, identity, the image of brand, the business model … .

We are convinced that if we help companies develop their teams and their sales, we allow them to hire and it is therefore a potential family behind this hiring that can live decently. The mission is your WHY as Simon Sinek would say.


To gain consistency, you must absolutely confront your ambitions as well on impact issues as on your quantitative and qualitative objectives. To pull yourself up, you must be in the overtaking of yourself and visualize where you want to go and federate your team by making sense.


Often, during the coaching and workshops that I do with companies, I ask them to define 3 to 5 strong values ​​that we detail and that become the prism by which they look at the world. Whether it’s the visual content, the words you use, the furniture on which you present, the partners you work with. The people you will touch and share your values ​​will always be true to your brand. Beware of the fact that the Made In or the eco-responsibility aspect are not values ​​but characteristics! And today, many of you have these characteristics …


Your community is who you serve. Where does the members eat? go on vacation? Live ? What kind of music do they listen to? Often, we have an idea of ​​the person we are talking to (or who we want to talk to) but we do not really know the entire elements of those we touch and who appreciate us. 100% of your time (direct or indirect) must be dedicated to your community members to serve, inspire and answer their challenges.


What place do you want to have in the minds of members of your community? I sometimes hear: “we are in the niche of affordable luxury and reach the 25-35 years old, young women, urban” …. The problem is that you are very much in this case to have the same positioning, which is not possible! Again, tell yourself this is a feature that defines you as unique in the marketplace and does not match anyone else.


Your message must be clear and your community must directly understand the problem you are going to solve for them. The example of the brand POO POURRI is quite funny but it clearly explains my point on the question of clarity of the message, what do you think? The most important is that you know exactly who you are, what you do and why you do it.

This will allow you to be consistent in your choices and make the right decisions. Indeed, having a clear strategy from the start can only help you to have a successful business because you will know exactly what you need to do to attract your audience and build a strong brand. But if you want to go further and go beyond, do not hesitate to contact us.

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